Here is a baker’s dozen of my songs and psalms which I recorded at Fremont Recording with Brud Giles in Portland, Oregon June 2012..  Yes, you can use them if you’d like.  Just give me a  nod, and all the glory to God.    –Bro. Pat

1. Gypsy Song  2. I Rejoice in You  3. If Today You Hear  4. In the Still and Quiet  5. Indwelling   (Indeed)   6. Inn Keeper Carol  7. Jubilate Deo  8. Lady Clare’s Farewell          9. Love Is Patient  10, Beto’s Prayer  11. Promise Carol  12  Sweeter than Honey  13. Celtic Hymn (Be Thou My VIsion).

Gypsy Song

Never, no not ever, can the human heart offer certain measure of its need, its grief, its fear to the cold and distant stars. Human life is like a battered tambourine where our fingers are tapping sweet mystic refrains, while a world-weary dancing bear stands up and looks around, swaying slightly from side to side. Reach out with your music to the tired, cranky bear. Fingers on the ready, if you coax the bear to dance, it could move the stars to tears.                                        Gustave Flaubert

I Rejoice in You

This responsorial psalm was written for Barry and Lupe Stenger’s wedding.

If Today You Hear

This responsorial psalm was written for St. Elizabeth Parish.

In the Still and Quiet Hours

This is one of the first psalms I set to music.  It is still one of my favorite psalms.


St. Clare wrote these words in a letter to the woman who is the subject of the La Papessa tab on this website, Sor Agnes of Bohemia.

Inn Keeper Carol

This carol was written as an Irish ballad.  It is one of my overall favorites.

Premier by Homeless Choir, Downtown Chapel, Portland,

Jubilate Deo

This song was written in the Tazie style of Jacques Berthier to commemorate the sad occasion of the assassination of Brother Roger during Evening Prayer in 2008.

Lady Clare’s Farewell

This song was part of a class project for a graduate study of St. Clare led by Joseph Chinnici OFM at the Franciscan School of Theology in 1982.

Love Is Patient

This was written for Mike and Diane DiPasquale’s wedding.

Beto’s Prayer

This prayer was written by Alberto Masferrer after the massive stroke that left him paralyzed for several years.

Promise Carol

This carol was written for midnight mass at the downtown chapel in Portland, Oregon, sung by a choir of homeless, and formerly homeless persons along with their Franciscan sisters and brothers.

Sweeter than the Honey

This responsorial psalm was written for our Santa Clara High School 40th reunion.

Celtic Hymn

A traditional Irish lyric set to a new melody.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your songs and your heart. We will be using one of your songs for Transitus of Clare this year, and folks really love to pray it. Our prayers and blessings of God this wonderful season to you.
    Peace and all good,

  2. Hi,

    Wanted to let you know that I am using your song “Last Words of Lady Clare” with the Poor Clares in Aptos and Los Altos tomorrow. Good to see you several weeks ago. Peace.

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